Pay Per Click

Comments from our clients

“The investment has come back several times over in a very accountable way.”

“Within 1 week we’d already seen our cost per conversion halved as well as the discovery of a very scalable source of business.”

Results-Driven Pay-Per-Click

Our clients see results in weeks and stay with us for years. Our rigorous, meticulous PPC optimisation is unrivalled in its level of detail. The special tools and approaches we’ve developed in our 10 years’ experience complement a service-focused philosophy that ensures that we call you before you need to call us.

Our service isn’t just high-performance search advertising. It’s far more. Remarketing, conversion testing, product listing ads and Analytics consultancy are just some of the great benefits of using our forward-thinking, proactive service. With Asset ICT, you can be assured that you’ll be first to take advantage of the latest online marketing developments.

Proactive PPC Management

Our pioneering PPC management service combines 8 years’ online marketing experience with the latest technology to provide a unique blend of fast campaign optimisation and rich, analytics-driven consultancy.


Remarketing (or retargeting) is where we display your banner ads to people who’ve already visited your site. We’ll segment by which page, product or service they viewed and capture lost conversions by targeting the ones that got away with a specific message – the possibilities are endless.

This highly targeted audience combined with a (usually) very attractive cost per click is a great way to increase visitor value and boost your brand awarenesssimultaneously at a very low cost. It really is a no brainer so that’s why we offer it as standard.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Getting the right traffic is part of the battle but turning it into profit is where it gets serious. Your website is the centre point of your business and, just like all the other aspects, it should be constantly improved wherever possible.

That’s where our scientific testing platform comes in. Using a few tricks we’ve picked up over the years, we’ll test usability and messaging improvements to accountably improve your website’s conversion rate. We’ve seen overnight improvements of up to 30%… and that’s straight to the bottom line.

Bid Management

Bidding the right amount on your keywords defines your margins and the distribution of your budget. Get this wrong and you could pay far more than your competitors for a lead or sale. Get it right, and you’ll see fast improvements in your online marketing, more sales and better margins.

The majority of new accounts we take on are overbidding for clicks, often meaning that the daily budget is used up too quickly and clicks are missed. We don’t rely on bid management software to ‘manage’ your campaigns, we assess this ourselves to make the best possible decisions and achieve the fastest possible results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our integrated approach to PPC and SEO means that the two activities work in tandem, sharing the data they generate, to provide fast, efficient results.

Using the conversion data we quickly generate from PPC advertising, we’ll ensure the SEO link-building strategy used is tailored to focus on those areas that provide the best blend of high-conversion, high-volume and achievable keywords. With all the recent algorithm updates, having an efficient, integrated SEO strategy is more important than ever before.

Ad Creative

Writing four lines of ad text seems like a simple thing to do but getting it right is a lot harder. With pay-per-click advertising, you get charged as soon as anyone clicks on your ad. That means your ad needs to edge the competition but also be as targeted as possible and achieving this balance requires ongoing testing and a bit of experience.

Our 8 years’ experience in writing benefit-driven, targeted ad text means we frequently see significant improvements in cost per conversion from this area of optimisation alone. By focusing on quality score, our ads frequently provide our clients with higher rankings for a lower cost per click.

Google Shopping Ads

Referred to in the Adwords world as ‘Product Listing Ads’, all our online retail clients benefit from having their products displayed in the sponsored ‘shopping’ listings in Google’s search results.

This is a great way to drive extra sales and an area Google are constantly looking to develop (as shown by their recent decision to remove the free, organic shopping listings from US search results).

GMail Advertising

Did you know you can show ads to GMail users based on the words used in their emails? Don’t worry, we don’t go around snooping through people’s emails but we do take advantage of this great but little-used feature of the Adwords platform.

This is just one of many ways that we look to give our clients the edge over their competitors and why we’re keen for you to see that appearing in the search results is just the tip of the online advertising iceberg.