Sustainable Growth With Data-Driven SEO

Our clients stay with us for the long haul because not only do we get results, but we demonstrate the science behind everything we’re doing. We use data delivered directly from Google to give us the insights we need to make the right strategic decisions and employ proven tactics to increase rankings while complying with all best practice guidelines.


We don’t risk the long term standing of our clients websites in order to get short term results. Everything we do is geared towards lasting, sustainable growth - dominating as much of the non-paid real-estate in Google’s results as we can and finding smart solutions to beat the competition.


Keyword strategy

All SEO work needs to start with a detailed keyword strategy. If you don’t know the many phrases you can target and don’t prioritise them into realistic short, medium and long term goals, there isn’t a coherent plan and things nearly always go wrong. A deep dive into the market, the competitors and the thousands of keywords there are to attack is where we start.


Content audit

When you know all the keywords you want to pursue, you have to audit the content on your website to see if you have enough pages to accomplish the strategy. If you don’t you need to create more. And for content you already have, it needs to be optimised and better than anything the competition has to offer. By offering Google quality results, you immediately maximise your chances of being found.


Technical SEO & compliance

There are hundreds of small technical details that are important to get right to even have a chance of ranking in Google’s results. We’ll scan the site using Google Search Console and SEO Moz to unearth the most urgent issues and continuously monitor the site for anything that might need fixing. Fast page load times and performance across mobile devices are essential and we’ll take care of all of that too.


External marketing

Backlinks from other websites and promotion on social media are the rocket fuel that will propel a site up Google’s results pages. From minute one, we’ll be assessing all of the link building opportunities available and pursuing them on your behalf. 


Google My Business, Rich Snippets & more

It’s not just the standard listings that SEO must concern itself with, it’s the map listings controlled by Google My Business. Your presence within all Google’s results can also be updated with rich snippets and other tricks to make your listings stand out. Controlling these things is all part of the service and essential for controlling as much of the real estate as possible.



“Our website needed to be fully optimised for Google searches relating to the site's theme. and your SEO capabilities enabled us to appear on the first page without the cost of PPC.”