What do I do with my new website?

I’ve just launched my new website, that’s it right?

Time to sit back and relax with a cuppa now you have launched your new website, that’s another item ticked off your to do list.  After thinking how easy that process was you are starting to think that perhaps there must be a catch. Let’s just say there aren’t any real catches, but there are some things that you should really consider doing regularly.  Here are some of the more obvious things I can suggest to make sure your new website works for you!

Visit your new website daily

website-launched-relax2This may sound a bit silly, but you should at least make sure that it’s working correctly on a daily basis.  In my experience the first people know about their website not working is when their email stops working.  I’ve even spoken to owners of websites that have been down for months before people notice – although pretty extreme cases it does happen.

Take the time at the start of each day to make sure your website loads, and doesn’t display any obvious error messages.  Be the first to know that your site is down, not your potential customers.

Keep your new website up to date

Changed your email address, phone number or perhaps you’ve moved to new premises recently.  Make sure that your new details are on your website as soon as you can or you could even make an announcement through your site in advance of the change.

I’ve recently visited a potential suppliers website and the email address on their contact page bounced back saying it didn’t exist.  I left that site and went to look at other suppliers websites.  After visiting the first site again I noticed that they had update the address in their header, but not the contact page.  Wonder how may other potential customers they lost because of this, and the worst thing is they don’t know they have lost a customer!

Add new content to your website

There are 2 important reasons why this is incredibly useful.  The first is that when people visit your website they can see up to date information, perhaps on new products or services you are offering.  It also gives them an assurance that you take your business seriously, in the same way your place of work is tidy and contains relevant things in it!

Secondly all the popular search engines are now looking at sites which are updated regularly in a more favourable light.  It can positively help your search rankings if you add relevant information to your site.  It shows you care about your online presence.

Maintaining a blog on your new website is a simplistic way of adding new content to your site. It can cover a wide range of topics such as…

  • New product offerings or services.
  • Announcements, press releases & company news.  Perhaps you have won a new contract, or are using a new supplier.  Your company is expanding or opening new premises.
  • Hints and Tips on getting the most from the products/services you provide.
  • Case studies on how you have improved your customers lives.

Post your website content to social media sites!website-launched-socialmedia

It’s essentially free advertising if done correctly.  Add content to your blog, post it to your Facebook page/group, Tweet it, Google+ it, LinkedIN it – the list goes on.  Your clients are then drawn back to your website.

Facebook for example has over 1 billion accounts, and I’m sure your own Facebook friends list contains someone who may want what you are selling!

In Summary

Your new website is a potent weapon in your companies arsenal and should not be ignored!  Motivate yourself to keep it up to date and add new content and let it start working harder for you now.