Google+ pages for your business

Google+ pages for your business

Like all social media websites Google+ pages can be great for connecting with your customers.  There is also a clear advantage in using the Social Media Site which is run by the worlds leading search engine.

Items shared by you can have good results in Google search rankings, and in certain instances rank better in areas your website does not.  It also focuses on your business details so you are more visible in your local area, great for business which have a defined area of coverage.

google-shareWhen you are competing for search rankings against bigger companies, Google+ gives you a potentially huge opportunity to appear higher up in the results.

You will need to setup your Google+ Business listing, and then verify certain information before you are fully approved.

  • Email address will be verified by Google emailing you a confirmation link.
  • Business address will be verified by the receipt of a code through the post. Once you receive it, you enter it in to the page dashboard.

Of course, if you need assistance with creating, verifying and updating your Google+ pages then Asset ICT can help you.

In Summary

Having a Google+ page should outweigh the effort you put in to creating it in the first place. Content you add there can work really well for your search results.