Server Name Monthly Price (+VAT) Disk Quota Bandwidth RAM
Stratus £19.99 25GB 300GB 500MB
Stratus Advance £44.99 35GB 500GB 1GB
Genus £74.99 40GB 800GB 1.5GB
Genus Advance £89.99 50GB 1TB 2GB
Cirrus £149.99 100GB 1.5TB 4GB
Cirrus Advance £219.99 150GB 2TB 6GB

The Asset ICT cloud offers you an extremely easy to use and simple to manage cloud infrastructure solution with controlled, predictable billing.

With over 200 pre-configured templates from CentOS, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, Jumpbox, ClearOS, Cloudlinux, Gentoo, Elastix and Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 Server. Installation of servers, stacks and apps is One simple click!

  • Choose from multiple clouds in Europe and the USA, and deploy one or hundreds of servers in minutes.
  • Choose a server based on hardware requirements above and you will be up and running in no time!
  • If you require more flexibility or an alternative configuration please contact us here for more information


High Performance
High IO, Low Latency Storage. Often the bane of many cloud offerings, our resilient high end Netapp SAN clusters power your storage. Additionally, snapshots and on demand backups ensure data integrity.
Free Stuff!
Free Jumpbox commercial licenses, permanent KVM console, Migration assistance from your old host!
Security & High Availability
All cloud machines sit in secure virtual VLANs with firewalls preventing sniffing, spoofing or crosstalk. Fully automated failover and hot migrate tools ensure maximum uptime and resilience to hardware failures to ensure near 100% availability.
from experienced people who care! From simple servers to more compex architectures, we have the experience to help. Available on email at all times, we’re here to help in any way you need!
Total Automation and control!
Comprehensive Web interface and API (and more coming) give you total control. KVM to your server, reboot it, scale it, resize it… you have total control! Cloud High availability means physical issues wont impact your server.
No Contracts
no commitments, no obligations! We believe we should work as hard keeping you happy as we do winning your business. There are no lock ins on the Asset ICT cloud and you can cancel anytime, through your control panel.