Service Level Agreement 2015-03-20T20:39:41+00:00

We currently do not offer any SLA’s.

This is primarily comes from many years of industry experience, where, simply, most SLA’s are completely useless.

Having reviewed our competitors SLA’s, they are full of caveats and small print which basically preclude most of the things that will actually impact service (like scheduled or emergency maintenance, third party issues (like networks, datacentres, DOS attacks). In addition, services that are ‘unmanaged’, customers have full root control over their servers, there are lots of ways a customer can break their own server, and equally a high degree of control for customers to maintain their own services levels.

Our managed services can optionally include a monitoring service where we monitor your server minute by minute. If something does happen then we react instantly and get to work rectifying the problem.

With some providers, the SLA will pay a credit based only on a minimum downtime period (for example 15 minutes) which allows regular downtime under the limit with no recourse. Or perhaps the SLA ‘count’ starts when you open a ticket, not when the problem occurs.

We have also seen SLA’s which limit the recourse to a small percentage of the monthly fee, essentially rendering it valueless.

Some other cloud offerings even offer detailed SLA’s but, in the fine print, you see that the SLA is not applicable for ‘beta’ services – despite the service carrying the ‘beta’ moniker since launch!

In short, our platform is designed from the ground up to be the best that it can. We run fault tolerant NetApp based SAN clusters with high availability and fail over as standard, we run high end HP servers with full redundancy and run a redundant network. Our cloud platform allows us to hot migrate cloud machines on the fly, the fail over gracefully in the event of a server failure. Our uptime is currently excellent, and we work hard to keep it that way.

That said, there are lots of things outside our control that can impact your service, so rather than give you an SLA that precludes all these things anyway, we simply commit to you that we will work hard and invest well to ensure we deliver the best possibly uptime we can, and, if something breaks, we will fix it as quickly as we can.