Flexible Enterprise SSD Cloud

Choose your location. Select your resources. Deploy your server. Simple.

First Class Hardware


HP Blades

The latest generation HP Blade servers with multiple 10Gbps networks with enterprise reliability


Fastest SSD Storage

Enterprise HP SSD Arrays with datacenter grade SSD Drives ensure high performance and reliability


Processors for Enterprise

Latest server grade Intel Processors ensure stable, predictable performance with
no CPU limits or throttles

Simple but powerful interfaces and tools

Build, restart, scale, re-image, console access, add disks, IPs and much more!!
All locations are completely identical in hardware, software, API and features.
Simple, fast, standardised, enterprise global cloud.


Take snapshots on demand or daily, weekly or monthly auto schedules. Use snapshots to clone/replicate your servers or as master templates for scaling.


Offload firewalling to our cloud! Every server you build includes a comprehensive and powerful platform based firewall.

Private Networking

Gigabit private LAN from server to server as well as from server to NAS storage at no additional cost

Rescue Console

Permanent HTML5 KVM Console for all servers to enable out of bounds admin as well as Recovery Mode

NAS Storage

For backup and low cost media storage, NFS and CFS mounted NAS storage is available to all servers