Cloud Server Features

The Asset ICT cloud offers a range of features and benefits simply not attainable through most hosting infrastructure options. With extremely high availability, low latency, high performance storage and enterprise grade server nodes, our cloud is designed for robust, high performance operation.

Just some of the benefits and great technical features…


  • Deploy in minutes – deploying a server on the Asset ICT cloud takes under 60 seconds and most servers are online in under 5 minutes.
  • Only pay for the resources you need with flexibility and scalability at our core, you don’t need to overprovision machines and can react to load requirements on the fly! Pay only a simple monthly fee with no set-up costs, no capital costs.
  • Upgrade and downgrade resources on demand from a practically limitless pool. Never worry again about being Dugg, getting press coverage, or keeping the store open for that holiday peak!
  • Easy to use control panel means you are always in control! With full statistics, permanent console, reboots, rebuilds and more at your fingertips.
  • No contracts or long term commitments – change or cancel at any time, there is no lock in.
  • Guaranteed resources - unlike cheap VPS where they are ‘shared’ or ‘burstable’, our Xen based platform can’t be oversold. When we say you have 1GB of RAM, you really do.
  • Reinstall, rollback or re-image your machine at any time – even clone your server for pre-production testing or to evaluate a new upgrade safely!
  • Always free backups – take regular machine snapshots, automated or manually for complete disaster recovery, and peace of mind!
  • Support – with a skilled support team on email, we’re always available to help! We are passionate about support and believe in going the extra mile to satisfy you!


  • High end enterprise SAN storage with 15krpm drives – no local disk and no low cost SATA disk makes for lightening fast disk IO and extremely low latency. Worried that the cloud can’t handle your large ecommerce store or busy forum? Ours can!
  • Enterprise grade hot pluggable physical server nodes (HP DL380G6) make for an extremely resilient physical foundation, and with redundant power, nics and components, ensure maximum performance and uptime.
  • Highly available platform, with the ability to self heal and recover means that there is no single point of failure in the cloud, and in the unlikely even of a physical failure, your cloud machine simply reboots on another node – fully automated!
  • Complete Root control of every cloud machine as standard. Everything you can do on a physical server with a keyboard and monitor attached, you can do with our cloud machines
  • Hot Migration allows you to move machines between physical nodes as required, ensuring planned maintenance wont impact services
  • Recovery Console allows you to mount filesystems and even reset the system password from your console.
  • Anti-spoofing, anti-sniffing Firewalls with multi-layer security, ensure only authorised data is sent to and from all machines, keeping your data safer
  • Huge choice of Operating Systems and pre built templates
  • Out of bounds KVM access at all times means you never lose control of your server, even if you manage to lock yourself out!
  • Reboot, power cycle, shut down or re-install on demand, any time you need