Cloud Platform


Asset ICT is a global cloud IAAS provider. We run cloud platforms in the following locations, with new platforms and countries coming online all the time. We select only the top tier datacetres around the world, that can provide 100% uptime on power and network, to complement our resilient cloud deployments.

Asset UK A

Tier IV Facility
Level3 & Linx Connectivity

Asset UK B

London Docklands
Tier IV Facility
LoNAP & LINX Connectivity


Dallas, Texas
SAS 70 Type II
Audited Facilities Internap & Level3 Network


  • Our cloud platform is built on a redundant architecture. No single point of failure, multiple clustered SANs and high-end rack mount servers from HP, we have leveraged our know how in delivering a platform designed to scale and grow while maintaining industry leading uptimes. With HP DL380G6 servers and NetApp Storage Arrays with redundant heads,SSD cache and 15k FC drives, we don’t scrimp on cheap servers or low-speed storage. Enterprise servers and Fiber channel storage guarantee performance and reliability. This configuration allows a truly self-healing architecture with individual server issues not causing downtime for customers.
  • A fully redundant multi-gigabit network links all nodes and SANS providing blisteringly fast network throughput, storage access and internet access with uplinks to major Tier 1 carriers and exchange points, including LINX in London via our upstream providers.
  • World class data centres, based throughout the UK and USA house our infrastructure, ensuring local data storage and compliance, as well as excellent access from both Europe and the USA.
  • Leveraging the Xen platform, we offer true virtualisation in our cloud.