BT Landline Switch-off

Are you ready for the end of the traditional landline?

At Asset ICT, we have been leveraging Vonage's services since 2007 and can attest to its excellence for both residential and commercial applications. The ongoing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) switch-off in the UK represents a critical transition from the outdated analog telephone network to a modern digital communications framework. This move is propelled by the need to retire the antiquated, maintenance-heavy network that hinders the adoption of advanced communication technologies.

This phased switch-off is projected to culminate by 2025, necessitating telecom providers to transition their customers to digital platforms like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Such a monumental shift is championed by the UK government and Ofcom, promising enhanced internet speed and reliability, superior mobile network coverage, and bolstered investments in innovative technologies. Yet, it also introduces challenges, particularly ensuring uninterrupted access to digital services for all customers and the operational continuity of emergency services.

Telecom entities are proactively educating their clientele about the switch-off, offering support and guidance for a smooth transition to digital services. Concurrently, the government is ensuring that emergency communications and digital access for rural and underserved communities are prioritised.

As the analog network phases out, it's imperative for businesses to adopt a modern, feature-rich system that preserves their crucial business numbers and lowers operational costs. Vonage, under Ericsson's ownership, stands as a premier VOIP provider in the UK, offering robust solutions to navigate these changes efficiently at competitive pricing.

Explore their offerings at by selecting Unified Communications. For a no-obligation discussion, feel free to complete the call-back request form on their website or open a ticket with us at Asset ICT and we can put you in touch directly.

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